Jun 2021
Jun 2021




Since 2012, the Rhône-Alpes Auvergne region has been organizing the Automotive Techdays.              

This event aims at meeting 3 objectives:
o    Expose the region as a hub for innovative technologies in the automotive industry
o    Show that collaboration between companies, universities and labs contributes to particularly innovative solutions
o    Let innovative people meet with buyers and R&D managers from national and international OEMs and Tiers 1’

The event itself is innovating, since for the first time, it would be a virtual fair that will be held on June 1st.
The bonding expertise of ARaymond has been selected to showcase its innovative surface treatments on glass and aluminium, as part of its full assembly solution.

ARaymond SUV

Bonding is more than adhesive, and many aspects surrounding this type of assembly need to be addressed and properly organized ahead to guarantee the success of an adhesive bonding project. Cleaning or activation of the surfaces to be assembled is one of them and, therefore, surface treatment plays a crucial role in bonding quality and reliability.

In collaboration with Constellium, AcXys, Coherent and Themis, ARaymond is developing automated and spot surface treatments that will allow programmation of this operation to avoid human failure and improve targeting of particular surface sections. A controlled surface treatment will increase quality and reliability of the adhesive bonding assembly.

This technology will be particularly useful for the EV market and specifically on the aluminium battery packs, but also for the bonding of sensors on glass windshields in the autonomous market.
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