Am 8. Dezember 2016 nahm ARaymond an der dritten jährlichen Konferenz für technische Kraftstoffsysteme der ITB Gruppe im indischen Pune teil. Als Vertreter von ARaymond* war Laurent Guerbé, Global R&D and Innovation Director for Fluid Connections, vor Ort, der eine Reihe mit dem Titel „Schnellkupplungen: Trends bei Treibstoff- und SCR-Systemen für Autos, Lkws und Zweiräder“ präsentierte, die die innovativen und zuverlässigen Lösungen von ARaymond™ für Treibstoff- und Harnstoffsysteme vorstellte.

ARaymond rises to meet new challenges within the Indian automotive industry
ARaymond rises to meet new challenges within the Indian automotive industry

“Exciting opportunity”

Another exciting opportunity for ARaymond in India is the 2-wheeler industry. India produces more 2-wheelers than any other country in the world and Laurent Guerbé believes that this is a sector where Quick Connectors could improve assembly operations. He commented: “The new regulations will force 2-wheeler manufacturers to replace traditional carburettors by fuel injection systems, which require leak-tight components. The ARaymond™ Quick Connectors are safe to use and cost-efficient which will appeal to the rapidly-growing Indian 2-wheeler market. As a leading developer of fastening systems, our products will help Indian suppliers meet both local and international market needs.

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