Born a family business, ARaymond* has grown into a network over the years. And it did so by counting not only on innovation, but also by relying on collaboration. Why? One reason is that entities working together has always led to expansion or strengthening for the network. One recent example is that of ARaymond hosting an Innovation Day at the Toyota Technical Center (TTC) in York Township, Michigan on June, 09, 2016.

When collaboration opens new routes: Innovation Day at Toyota Technical Center

Building new bonds

The event was a collaborative effort between the North American and Japanese companies and the center of expertise, of the ARaymond Network. All together, they cover the ARaymond™ core expertise: fastening systems, fluid connection and bonding Solutions. They joined forces to engage the Toyota engineers with some of their innovative current product lines as well as their advanced engineering ideas to show how they could strategically partner with them to solve critical applications. 

Indeed, although ARaymond does already supply Toyota, it aims at becoming a partner of choice when Toyota is in need of a solution for an application. Building such partnership is in line with the notion of quality ARaymond has built a name on, as Toyota continues to be one of the biggest global automobile manufacturers; manufacturing over 2.2 million vehicles annually in North America, with some of the highest quality rating scores.

Strength meets strength

Hosting this type of event onsite allows the ARaymond Network to develop new relationships with several engineers in a short period of time and provides insight into what the customers’ needs are.

In this particular case, as hoped for, the North America team has been busy following up on several new opportunities. Some of them include application solution needs in the subsystem areas of washer systems, interior trim, bonding solutions, and advance development.

Paths shared

Over 150 Engineers and Purchasing representatives from Toyota attended the ARaymond Innovation day, including Mr. Edward Mantey, senior vice president of Toyota Technical Center and senior advisor of Toyota Motor North America.

However, the span of the event was not limited to Toyota, as the executive vice president of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) also attended. The non-profit organization is involved in the research of significant issues that relate to the future direction of the global automotive industry and focuses on important trends and changes related to the automobile industry and society at the international, federal, state and local levels. His presence was a meaningful satisfaction for the teams collaborating as it stressed the relevance of such event.

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