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ARaymond Launches New Website for Automotive Market

ARaymond*, expert in fastening and assembly solutions for the Automotive industry, has launched a new website - - providing a unique experience to detail its solutions for the global Automotive market.

Technicians and car aficionados visiting the Products section are invited to “launch the experience”. They will discover the entire range of ARaymond™ solutions through an interactive exploration of a disassembled car.  The visitor is taken deep inside an image of a car, with the final page providing full details of the relevant ARaymond™ solutions.

This section of the website highlights how ARaymond™ works in partnership with its customers to develop fastening solutions and is attentive to their specific needs. These fastening solutions help automotive manufacturers optimize the development of the fasteners; adapt to new technologies; respect environmental and OEM standards**; and develop more ergonomic parts. These reduce the weight of the vehicle and decrease the time and cost of the assembly production process.

Complementing the Products section is the Expertise one. This section takes visitors on a journey through the ARaymond expertise for the Automotive market: Clipping, Bonding and Connecting. An interactive map gives access to the 23 locations of ARaymond worldwide, easily filtered by expertise.

“The new website offers a high level of interaction, and is very product-orientated,” said Jean-Yves Renoux, ARaymond Automotive Business Development Officer. “It helps visitors to the site to discover the detail of all the solutions that ARaymond™ can provide to the Automotive market.”

M.Renoux said that the new website is designed to reflect the vision of ARaymond in the global Automotive market. To help support this vision, ARaymond™ is to build on its high level of expertise by expanding further internationally, in order to ensure that it is always close to its customers; and focus increasingly on innovation and research.

“In addition, ARaymond is supporting this process through the development of a collaborative structure. The objective of this development is to enable skills, ideas and expertise to be shared through a flexible, cross-functional and adaptable network. Such exchanges between organizations from different countries help add further value to the customer.”

Via the website, users can also access ARaymond™ global online product catalog, presenting over 10 000 entries.

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ARaymond Launches New Website for Automotive Market

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The ARaymond Network*** is a worldwide leader in fastening and assembly solutions for the automotive industry, and has over recent years transferred its expertise and skills to new markets: TRUCK, INDUSTRIAL, ENERGIES, AGRICULTURE, and LIFE. A family business established in 1865, innovation has always been at the core of the ARaymond Network DNA, with its press-stud, a small assembly, now used worldwide. Today the ARaymond Network comprises 37 companies across four continents, with 11 design offices and 22 production sites. Six per cent of turnover is invested in research and development every year.

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