Rayconnect* develops fuel connection solutions for latest powertrains

Company’s expertise in integrated functions recognized at conference

The launching of the new range of ARaymond™ Quick Connectors is close, with integrated functions that will help vehicle manufacturers to develop the next generation of fuel systems.

The innovative products are designed to meet the rising demand for mechatronic couplings – smart components that combine electronics and mechanical engineering – as advanced engine management systems are increasingly fitted as standard on all types of cars.

The new ARaymond™ Quick Connectors incorporate valves (e.g. one-way valves that prevent fuel spills after disconnection, shut-off actuators, pressure regulators) and sensors that monitor pressure, temperature and fuel flows.

“Our Quick Connectors with integrated functions offer vehicle manufacturers a number of advantages,” said Laurent Guerbé, Global R&D and Innovation Director, Rayconnect. “Fewer pipe connections and interfaces cut assembly time and production costs, as well as decreasing the risk of leaks.

“They save space and reduce the system’s complexity. The weight reduction improves the vehicle’s overall weight/power ratio, which in turn improves fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions. Fewer components also mean fewer suppliers, making project management easier and simplifying the supply chain.”

The Rayconnect growing expertise in this field was recognized when Mr. Guerbé was invited to give a presentation at, one of the world’s leading conferences on automotive fuel systems. Held in Munich, this exclusive forum focused on new trends and technical developments and was attended by representatives from vehicle manufacturers, automotive suppliers, engineering companies, universities, research institutes and the mineral oil industry.

“One the main topics discussed at was the rise of Selective Catalytic Reduction or SCR systems,” said Mr. Guerbé, who is based in Grenoble. “This means that there will be greater demand in the future for Quick Connectors with heating elements that can prevent the liquids used in SCR systems from freezing.

“We are already addressing this need with a number of developments and the launch of these new products is only a year or two away. Our solutions will incorporate PTC thermistor technology which can defrost Adblue without any degradation. They will be simple to assemble using standard Quick Connectors and could be fitted to SCR systems on cars, off-road vehicles and trucks.

“Rayce**, our internal center of expertise, is supporting these activities with its project to develop heating elements that will make this new technology more cost-effective, even for small cars.”

With more hybrid vehicles appearing on the market and networks of charging stations starting to appear in different countries, the latest fuel technologies were another area of discussion.

Mr. Guerbé, added: “As well as Quick Connectors with built-in sensors for conventional diesel and petrol fuel systems, a number of longer-term projects we are working on include the development of solutions for electric-powered vehicles. We are also developing a Quick Connector with an integrated ratio metric pressure sensor that will monitor the pressurized fuel tanks of hybrid vehicles.”

As well as fuel lines, ARaymond™ products are found in all types of automotive fluid connection systems such as cooling circuits, air conditioning, power steering and brake fluid circuits. Technicians from the company work closely with the development teams of OEMs to design new couplings that meet their individual and precise requirements.

A key strength of the company is its in-depth know-how of simulation techniques and it has invested in state-of-the-art hydraulic, thermal and dynamic 3D modeling tools which provide valuable data during evaluation and testing. These tools can accurately measure the predictive performance of a proposed product from its CAD design, guiding the development team on where adjustments are needed and ensuring more rapid prototyping.

“As well as responding to the demands of the market for better products we are proactive in devising innovative solutions for different automotive, truck and industrial applications,” said Mr. Guerbé. “We are constantly searching for ways we can add value for our customers by devising new systems.

“The ARaymond™ Quick Connectors were developed 20 years ago to improve tightness against leaks and reduce assembly times. These features are still important today and now Quick Connectors are proving they can offer even more benefits by integrating valves and sensors.

“Integrated functions are a still relatively new field but it is clear we are already one of the world’s leading developers of this exciting technology. We have a solid foundation on which to build our share of what will be a growing market in the years to come as more sophisticated and alternative fuel management systems are fitted to all types of vehicles.”

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Rayconnect* develops fuel connection solutions for latest powertrains

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