One of the most important events of the year for the motorcycle industry is China International Motorcycle Trade Exhibition, CIMA, held in Chongqing, China. This leading event for manufacturers of motorized vehicles and motorcycle parts, brings together over 430 exhibitors on an exhibition surface of more than 60,000 m2. As a global player in the Automotive market, ARaymond was present at this year’s show held at the end of September. The ARaymond team from China spent 4 days in Chongqing meeting with customers and exhibiting the wide range of ARaymond™ fastening and assembly solutions for two wheelers.

Visitors were particularly interested in ARaymond™ Quick Connectors for fuel lines with tactil, visual and auditive proof of connection such as the RAYLOCK® and P2L®.  Quick Connectors with integrated valves also drew a great deal of attention as well as the injector caps which ensure leak tightness.

During the exhibition a large variety of clipping solutions were also showcased at the booth. These solutions ensure quick and easy assembly for efficient and cost-effective production. Visitors could find U-nuts for sturdy panel fixing, and multifunctional metal edge clips. Complete fastening solutions for wire harness with cable straps, tape-on clips and modular swivel clips were also to be seen. 

Exhibiting at CIMA was a very positive experience for the ARaymond team. To meet and discuss with potential customers are of great importance since ARaymond prides itself on its adaptability and constantly strives to improve product design to meet customer needs.