Anyone selling small parts, whether in the food industry, the energy industry, the automotive industry or even the fashion industry will tell you that success is about selling the right parts. Naturally, one would be a fool to try and prove the contrary.
But here is the thing.

How do you know a product is the right one?


At ARaymond*, we’ve come up with an answer. We know it when we see a solution rather than a product.
Of course, this implies one important thing: being there from the start. That’s why engineering is in our DNA.
As we believe all engineering should begin with identifying problems, we pay particular attention to our clients’ needs. And how to better understand them than with a stimulating conversation over innovation?

We favor face to face.

For this reason, we are partial to large events gathering experts from all horizons. So unsurprisingly, we took part in The Fastener Fair Italy 2016. One thing always surprises us: showcasing our latest ARaymond™ solutions and achievements ends up being a way to get to know about clients just as much as to tell us about them, maybe even more.
In this particular case, we opted for diversity on our stand to make sure we triggered added-value conversations. This involved showcasing many client specific parts, as well as relying on various communication tools.

We get to understand, and be understood. It counts for innovation.

Visitors could enjoy a demonstration of our manual ARaymond™ bonding tool.
A wide range of ARaymond™ Quick connectors, were on display, as well as various parts shown in their assembly-line environment.
Among the various plastic and metal clips, the engineering challenge of the airbag clip, a particularly specific, traceable and innovative part, got much attention from various big automotive players.
The fair is the kind of event which also gives you an opportunity to shed light on parts which are hard to catch a glimpse of for most people, even specialists. Such is the case of the wire harness made exclusively from more than 20 ARaymond parts that we displayed. It got much attention, but also led to many conversation between our engineers and visitors on our complete solutions for electrical distribution systems.
So as you may have guessed by now, it took no more than a successful fair to convince us once again that flourishing relationships begin with great exchanges.

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