Interactive features include 3D animations and product comparison tools

ARaymond launches online catalog for automotive and trucks connectors

ARaymond* has launched a new online catalog to make it easier for customers to select from its unrivalled range of automotive Quick Connector products.

The e-catalog, the first one of its kind that ARaymond has produced for the automotive and truck market, contains detailed listings of more than 750 products, not just Quick Connectors but also adapters end pieces and accessories.

There is also information on fluid connection solutions with added-value features, such as calibrated valves, pressure regulators, shut-off valves and one-way valves.

Users can search for Quick Connectors using several criteria: end piece diameter, application, line diameter, angle and product design. Once they have narrowed down their search, they can directly compare up to four different products using a product comparison tool.

Every product is illustrated with a 2D image and the listings for 50 products include a 3D animation that can be manipulated using a computer mouse. By the end of the year it will be possible to view all the products contained in the catalog in 3D.

“We have designed the catalog so customers can quickly find the fluid connection solution that best meets their requirements,” said Gaël Chemain, Product Communication Specialist.

“For buyers, specifiers and project managers looking for a quick connector for a fuel line, for example, the product comparison tool, 3D animations and other functions will guide them through the product selection process.”

The catalog, was created by 3C-evolution, a French agency that specializes in catalog production.Other features include videos explaining how some key components work, which was requested by customers, and product sheets that can be downloaded at the touch of a button.

The catalog, now in its 24th edition, is currently available in English, French and German; a Chinese version is under development and other languages may follow. It is also available in PDF and print format, which runs to 132 pages.

“An online catalog has many advantages,” added Mr Chemain. “It is easier to produce in multiple languages and we can update it with new products on a daily basis.

“If a customer wants more information or a quotation, they can simply press the button that is displayed next to each product. Their message will be automatically emailed to the local ARaymond sales team that serves their country or region.”

The new online catalogue is accessible via the ARaymond Automotive website

ARaymond launches online catalog for automotive and trucks connectors

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