You know you are entering a new era when objects central to your life undergo a profound revolution. Take a look at cars: they are clearly telling us tomorrow just won’t ever be the same. The past decade has witnessed the democratization of advanced electric cars, the expansion of vehicle connectivity and a rise in innovative technologies on board.

Behind this revolution is a whole world of engineers, industrials, energy and automobile professionals. And along them, those who make it all stand together, connector specialists.

Being there when it matters: ARaymond China* at the heart of tomorrow’s cars production

On a global scale, ARaymond has taken part in this new momentum from its beginning and carries on with new designs, new partnerships and new projects.

A recent example is the joint venture gathering ARaymond China and Raydiall, who recently established a company in China to provide connectivity solutions to automotive OEMs, such as high-speed data connectors, lightweight PCB connectors or low-insertion force power contacts.

The two entities joined forces to develop modules and products like EV charger socket outlets and R3C contacts for the Chinese market, thus providing high performance parts that fit the industry’s most recent needs.

As customers’ requirements evolve extremely quickly in such a high paced revolution, being able to showcase solutions and get to meet more automotive OEMs in a stimulating context is key to remaining innovative. Exhibitions are particularly adequate for this, as again recently confirmed by ARaymond China after their participation to the Shanghai International Auto Parts and Service Exhibition 2016 in June.

With a 100 m2 space dedicated to fasteners, bonding, quick connectors, R&D and their partner Raydiall, the company was able to showcase its latest products and make eye-catching demonstrations such as the much noticed vibration test equipment.

And for existing or new clients to leave with more than the best intentions in mind, specific communication material was designed for the event with the much appreciated help of the French marketing team.

Once again, international cooperation between various ARaymond entities proved particularly helpful to organize the event, communicate and showcase the quality of all ARaymond solutions.

*ARaymond means in this article A. RAYMOND AUTOMOTIVE FASTENERS (Zhenjiang) Co., Ltd - 19 Wei Si Road - Ding Mao New Area - Zhenjiang 212009 - Jiang Su - P.R CHINA - (Registered N°: 321191400000010) that is the editor of this Article and is responsible for this Article.