In the life of a worldwide company, there are decisions that come on a regular basis. Should we widen our offer? How to remain competitive? Should we expand more?
As a global Network and in a context of increasing demand, we tend to face this question of expansion pretty often.
To us, the answer lies in the fact that it is not so much about expanding than about being present in a new place. And that makes a huge difference.
Our new ARaymond* Moroccan Plant is a perfect example of how we like to reach new places.

Being there is being closer

This is where the difference with relocation stands. The recent opening of a new 1.600 m² production site in Casablanca came as an answer to a local need. Indeed, several of our clients have recently settled in the country, mostly automotive manufacturers or OEMs.
With this new plant in Morocco, we are therefore exclusively producing for the domestic market where the demand is increasing.
Accompanying our clients with real proximity has always been part of our added-value. So needless to say it is a natural step to expand where our customers are.

Offering more efficiency

You can never be too efficient when it comes to meeting objectives in the automotive industry. For us, offering maximum efficiency is in big part a matter of proximity. As the company offers both standard solutions and made-to-measure ones that are co-developed with the client, proximity plays a huge part in efficiency.
The choice of developing a local plant is also a choice that allows ARaymond to provide solutions that are competitive on the local market.

Offering locally the strength of a Network

Although the plant is solely dedicated to the domestic market, the solutions offered benefit from the force and knowledge of the ARaymond Network, in a collaborative spirit.
How? Through ARaymond Morocco**. The company has been present in the country since 2009, and while it is autonomous, it also holds strong ties with the Network, in particular with the French historical headquarters of the company in Grenoble.

Being welcome matters

Last but not least, it is important for the Network to develop where it is expected and welcome. Morocco is offering real integration and development opportunities for industrial at a local level, through government initiated programs, among others.

Expanding for the right reasons: the case of our Moroccan Plant
”ARaymond” “ARaymond Network” refers, in this Article, to the companies ("Companies") listed to the following link that are the editor of this Article and are responsible for this Article
** ”ARaymond Morocco” refers, in this Article, to ARAYMOND MAROC S.A.R.L.A.U. - Indusparc M12 & M13 - Chemin Tertiaire 1015 (boulevard Ahl Laghlam) - Sidi Moumen - 20400 Casablanca - MOROCCO (Registered N°: RC Casablanca n°349511)